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Love Sport, Love Photography, Love Videography… Bring it on………

Once upon a time there was a man who trained for months in preparation for the New York Marathon.
He pushed himself through blood, sweat and tears.

Event day came and he ran and ran and crossed the finish line with an overwhelming sense of achievement, pride and joy.
The adrenaline that rushed through his body for those 4 and a half hours was so intense that he couldn't remember any part of his event, but there was a saviour.
The event photographers.

Disappointment. Heart ache. Frustration. The pictures were awful. No one managed to capture his moment.

And thus, SportCam was born. That man wanted to take mass partition event photography to the next level.

The team we have built up at SportCam love taking photos and videos and we like to think we are very good at it.
We use the latest technology and the best photographers to capture your moment that you have worked so hard for.

As we have grown we have also evolved to include ideas and products for Event Organisers, Sponsors and Charities.
We are continuing to brain storm and develop and we will keep on …………………………...

Our aim is to provide every competitor with a larger number of quality images that can be saved forever
Our aim is to provide personalised video clips to bring back all of your emotions on the day
Our aim is to spread the sports bug….get everyone involved…
Our aim is to help charities collect the money you have raised & raise more
Our aim is to entice sponsors to sponsor events
Our aim is to spread the word of event organisers events

SportCam are making mass participation events even more exciting!
Get Involved………………Love Sport, Love Photography, Love Videography… Bring it on………