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  Images from Lidl Kingston Breakfast Run are now live.  
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  SportCam will be covering Liverpool Half Marathon on 02/03/2017. We hope to see you there!  
Q: How long after a race will the photos be uploaded to your website?

A: Photos are likely to be available the morning after and event. However, with larger races, or when there are many races on the same day, this period may be extended. If this is the case, we will try to keep you informed on progress on our homepage.

Q: How long after an event will the photos remain on the site?

A: Photographs will usually remain on the site for approximately six months after an event.

Q: Why do the photos on the website have a low resolution?

A: If photos were at full resolution, your browsing speed would be slow as images would take longer to download to your screen. We therefore reduce the resolution of the previews but, once ordered, we send photos out at full resolution, which is usually between 1 and 2 MB.

Q: Why are there no photos in my Gallery?

A: Occasionally, we miss competitors, maybe because they are obscured when passing our photographers or the images are of an unsatisfactory quality. Please be sure to check the unidentified sections.

Q: Can I order bigger prints than 12x8?

A: These are available on request. Please email us.

Q: Can I order photos of myself from different events on one CD?

A: No - 'All your images on CD or by download’ is only available per event.

Q: When will I get my photos?

A: For standard delivery, orders are sent out within three weeks, however they are generally sent out within two weeks of the order date. If you are downloading, the images should be available shortly after order.

Q: Why are your images sized at 9x6 and not 8x6?

A: The pixel dimensions of digital images fit much better to a 9x6 format. An 8x6 image is simply cropped and therefore detail at the top and/or bottom of the photo is lost.

Q: What is cropping?

A:Once you have selected your photo, it is possible to remove unwanted borders and select a portrait or landscape orientation for your photo. There are limitations to the extent of cropping but there are simple instructions once you get to this stage on the website. This tool may be available for selected races.

Q: What do I get if I purchase all my images?

You will receive all your images – whether on cd or download, together with a photo certificate and a time photo (both of which you select)